Who we are

Morvern Community Woodlands was set up in 2004 to help the people of Morvern connect to their land and encourage the enjoyment and use of woodland and timber in Morvern.

Morvern Community Woodlands is a Company Limited by Guarantee run by a board of volunteer directors. We have over 120 members from the local community and our directors are drawn from these members.

Morvern Community Woodlands is in the process of becoming a charity.


There are currently eight directors of Morvern Community Woodlands. The directors are:

Veronique Walraven (elected 2009) (chair)

Alasdair Firth (elected 2013) (secretary)

Sally Semple (elected 2017) (treasurer)

Tilly Painter Jones (co-opted 2019)

Vaila Kennedy (co-opted 2019)

Annabel Lawrence (elected 2018) (membership secretary)

Hugh Morris (elected 2018)

Annie Tordoff (elected 2019)