About Killundine

Killundine is a 2500-hectare estate on the Morvern peninsula which Morvern Community Woodlands are working on bringing into community ownership.

Morvern has a rich natural and cultural heritage, forged through the endeavour of generations of people, tending the rich basalt soils and nurturing its forests and pastures – from the days of Somerled, the Lords of the Isles and the Columban monks, to the times of the post-Jacobite feudal landowners and the present day.

Part of this heritage is Killundine, an outstanding estate of hill and in-by land overlooking the Sound of Mull. The estate retains remnant ancient woodlands, rich pastures, archaeological sites and historic buildings alongside contemporary plantations of soft and native hardwoods. The five houses and the farm buildings are all currently unoccupied and these and the land provide a unique combination of opportunities for a whole range of future regenerative projects and activities.

Like many rural highland areas, Morvern has an aging population and a falling school roll, but is an active community, determined to meet the present-day challenges with a vision of a resurgent and dynamic future

Caisteal nan Con, Killundine

Our vision for Killundine is a living, working 21st century estate: promoting the re-population and regeneration of Morvern and the conservation of its natural and cultural heritage. With ownership of this land, we will be able to rebuild connections between people and their environment.

Our plan is to create new crofts, provide affordable homes, bring in jobs, learning opportunities and resources for local people. We will restore the unique ancient woodlands and conserve the rare and endangered wildlife and their habitats; maintain and develop the infrastructure, and operate sustainable forestry and agriculture.

Equally important, for the first time in many centuries, local people will have control over how these resources are used and connections between people, land and their cultural heritage will be re-established.

Please help us achieve this.

Killundine Farm and Steading
Ancient wych elms
Killundine steading

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