Winter Solstice

At a time when most people huddle inside, it can be exhilarating to go outside, into the woods. Please come and join us to celebrate the longest night of the year (well… nearly) on the 22nd of December at 5pm. There will be a big bonfire and food. Wear warm clothes, bring food to share and entertainment if you wish. Donations welcome!

Volunteer Day

We had a very productive volunteer day on the 30th of September. We did some end of year strimming, all paths were raked, and we now have a fancy gate at the bottom of the woods towards the beach. Well done everyone!

Behind the scenes

Morvern Community Woodlands have in recent months responded to two consultations:

  • Ardtornish Estate – Woodland Creation Programme Phase 2
  • Scottish Forestry Strategy draft

Both plans could have potential huge implications for the land management in Morvern. In recent years MCW (in cooperation with MCDC) has organised two well attended community consultations about land management in Morvern. There was a strong desire within the community to have more say about local land management. MCW have taken these comments on board in our responses to these plans. If you want more information about our responses to these consultations, don’t hesitate to contact us on


Simon and his magnificent horse Tarzan did some brilliant low impact work in Achnaha on the 5th of August. We were all in awe of how the horse managed get into places that would have been inaccessible for a tractor. We hope to employ Simon and Tarzan in the not to distant future again. Some of the wood that Tarzan moved will be used for the annual pensioners’ firewood, but some of this hardwood will be auctioned off. The date of the auction still needs to be set. In the most recent Dé Tha Dol? we wrote mid-January, but the auction is more likely to take place in February. We will keep you all posted. Pensioners’ Firewood We will be splitting, and delivering firewood to Morvern pensioners again soon, but we cannot do this without your help. Come and join us on 5/6 January 10am in Achnaha Community Wood car park. Wear suitable footwear and clothing, bring axes, wheelbarrows and trailers if you have them. Any donations of refreshments will be gratefully received. All volunteers will get a load of firewood to bring home.


We are delighted to officially announce that our interest in Killundine Estate has now been registered. Details can be found on the Register of Community Interests in Land website (Argyll) under reference number CB00236. In their decision notice to approve our interest the Ministers were of the opinion that community ownership of this estate could provide significant benefits for sustainable development. What next? Registering an interest does not mean that the community will buy the estate, but it does mean that if the estate is put on the market, the community will have ‘first refusal’ and it will be given time to investigate if it is viable for the community to buy and run the estate. For more information, please contact us on

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