Welcome to Morvern Community Woodlands!

Morvern Community Woodlands was set up in 2004 to help the people of Morvern connect to their land and encourage the enjoyment and use of woodland and timber in Morvern.

Morvern Community Woodlands is a Company Limited by Guarantee run by a board of volunteer directors. We own and manage Achnaha Community Wood on the Sound of Mull near Lochaline and we are currently working for more community landownership in Morvern.

Support the Killundine appeal

Community ownership of Killundine Estate will enable us to take forward an ambitious programme of restoration, redevelopment and conservation

Nothing could be more valuable in the world-unique landscapes of the West Highlands, or a greater source of optimism and energy, than re-connecting people to place, re-establishing links that were cruelly broken in the past and looking forward to a rich and life-filled future. Killundine is ready and waiting. With a highly committed and knowledgeable community and an inspiring landscape that knits together hill and shore, Killundine represents a glowing opportunity to make something beautiful and life-enhancing, an example for the rest of Scotland.

Adam Nicholson, author of Sea Room

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